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The Connector - Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA Integration

The Connector 2.1 Change History

Build 4124 - Released June 7th, 2012

  • Fixed issue with The Connector appearing to be locked up if you go from having 2 monitors to a single monitor.
  • Resolved the error (object reference not found exception) that was happening when the Send to JIRA function was ran if there were blank lines in the Microsoft Project plan.
  • When setting the duration in Microsoft Project, The Connector will leave the value as null if no value is entered in the JIRA task for original estimate.
  • The option “Use The Connector sub-task creation override” on the profile screen now gives a warning that it is only to be used with JIRA version 3.6 – 3.13.  The Connector will automatically ignore this option if running a newer version of JIRA.
  • Fixed problem with creating duplicate resources on the resource sheet.
  • Resolved the error that would come up in the Issue Editor when custom field (date picker) has a “NA” as a value in Project.
  • Added a new option “Force resource change on update” and when used, it deletes all assignments and then re-adds the assignment.  This was done to resolve some errors that were coming up with doing updates from JIRA to Project.
  • Resolved the issue with saving the status mappings from the update and sync customize forms.
    When creating a parent and a subtask at the same time, resolved the issue of The Connector sending duration information on the parent task when the option was turned on to exclude that information.
  • Resolved problems with not all of the sub task fields being updated during the Update from JIRA.
  • Names / descriptions are now update on JIRA fields when a project synchronize is performed.
  • The user interface for the Custom Field mapping has been enhanced to improve user control and manipulation.
  • Enhanced custom date formatting features have been added so that The Connector can “Learn” the date format for non-English data.
  • Support was added for Enterprise Custom fields as well as Enterprise resources.
  • Support for tracking worklogs of multiple resources on a single task has been added.
  • There is now support for using parent tasks as summary tasks.