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The Connector - Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA Integration

The Connector - Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA Integration

The Connector is a Microsoft Project extension plug-in that will allow connection directly from Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA. Create a project plan using Microsoft Project and directly import tasks from JIRA. Use JIRA for task management and quickly and easily sync between the two systems. The Connector provides direct integration with Microsoft Project creating a JIRA toolbar right in Project. From this toolbar, you have access to a variety of JIRA functionality like importing, updating resource assignments, due dates and task descriptions.

Our Customers

The Connector is used by a growing number of JIRA users all around the globe. Our customers range from small organizations and non-profits to acedemic institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

Download Free 30 Day Trial

A trial version of The Connector is available for download.

System Requirements
  • Microsoft Project 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016
  • Microsoft .NET 4.0 Installed
  • Atlassian JIRA 5 or greater

From the downloads page, there are links to download and install Microsoft .NET 4.0, The Connector User Manual, and custom web services.

Need Customizations?

If you need customizations to the plug-in for specific functionality, Ecliptic Technologies, Inc. is a custom software provider that can handle this. Contact our sales department with questions at sales@ecliptictech.com


4/10/2017 - The Connector 2.2 build 4140
The Connector 2.2 build 4140 is now available. It fixes a number of small bugs with the product that been recently found.
Click here to read more details

12/29/2015 - The Connector 2.2 is now available

The Connector 2.2 can be downloaded from the above link. There are two builds, one for Microsoft Project 2016, 2013, and 2010 and a separate build for 2007 and 2003.
Click here to read more details

11/11/2015 - The Connector 2.2 Announced for Release December 2015
The Connector 2.2 will be released December 2015. The new version adds support for JIRA 7 and JIRA OnDemand along with a number of other enhancements.
Click here to read more details

04/29/2013 - The Connector with Windows 8 and Microsoft Project 2013
The Connector does work with Microsoft Project 2013 on Windows 8 but the current installer can prevent the installation. A build is available that will bypass the prerequisite check.
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06/07/2012 - The Connector 2.1 Now Available
The Connector 2.1 is now available. Click on the Downloads page and log in to download a 30-day trial. If your product key is not expired, you can activate the new version.
Click here to read details about The Connector 2.1

03/08/2012 - The Connector for JIRA 5 is Available
The Extended Web Services plugin for JIRA 5 is now available on the download page of this site. This version of the plugin is compatible with all of The Connector 2.0 builds. Note that the installation directory of this plugin is now the "installed-plugins" folder.

Demonstration Videos

We've posted some demonstration videos of The Connector in action. They show some of the functionality that is available with the product.

NOTE: These videos require a Flash plug-in to play.

Creating Issues (click to view)

This demonstration video will explain how to use The Connector to create JIRA issues from tasks that are in Microsoft Project.

Conditional Importing (click to view)

This demonstration video will show the conditional importing ability of The Connector allowing you more control over the issues you import into Microsoft Project.

Using the Issue Editor (click to view)

The issue editor dialog allows modification of much of JIRA's issue properties right from within Microsoft Project. Changes can be made in Project and updated to JIRA when desired.

Updating From JIRA (click to view)

This demonstration video will explain how to use The Connector to update your Microsoft Project task list using the built in mapping statuses. As JIRA issues get resolved and closed, your project plan gets updated to reflect those changes.

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