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The Connector - Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA Integration

The Connector Version 1.3

The Connector 1.3 release will incorporate enhancements for working with JIRA issue links and JIRA worklog detail.

Issue Linking

Bi-direction exchange of JIRA issue linking data with Microsoft Project will translated to Microsoft Project task dependencies. A new rule configuration tool will be provided with The Connector allow you to define rules on how to handle various cases of task linking and issue link types.

Worklog Detail

The Connector 1.3 will allow for worklog detail to be imported from JIRA and updated in Microsoft Project for the amount of work that has been completed on a specific task.

Setup linking in Microsoft Project using the Predecessor/Successor values to define task dependencies and order in which the tasks should be completed. You can bi-directionally exchange that data with JIRA.

In JIRA, the Issue Links functionality will represent the issue linking dependencies that have been defined.

Define rules through The Connector on how things should be processed. You can control whether the rule is ran doing the Import, Update From JIRA, or Send To JIRA functions.

Support for multiple links is provided by The Connector 1.3

Detailed worklogs can be entered into JIRA by users that are completing the tasks.

That worklog detail can be imported into Microsoft Project and broken down by the number of hours worked in a given day.