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The Connector - Microsoft Project to Atlassian JIRA Integration

The Connector 2.0 Change History

Build 4124 - Released November 1st, 2011 

  • Resolution was not updating to MS Project on both the Import and the Update From JIRA.This has been corrected.
  •  The Parent Issue ID is updated back to MS Project during the update process. Previously, this was not changed, so that if a subtask in JIRA was moved, it would not correctly update in MS Project.
  • Fixed issue with Duration and Work dialog (from the Update From JIRA Customize dialog) not saving correctly.
  • Fixed the issue with mapping duration and work values to Number fields in Microsoft Project.
  • Added the ability to map the percentage complete value to a JIRA custom field.
  • Editing import profiles is not correctly looking at the extended mode flag of the profile.
  • If you highlight task A, then open the issue editor and use the next or previous to move to a different task, when you would press the 'Save' button, the original task was updated instead of the current task that you were viewing.
  • Making changes to data exchange rules would not take affect until you restarted Microsoft Project. This has been fixed so that they will reload if a change is made.
  • Fix for the worklog detail being updated to the TimeScaleData using Microsoft Project 2010. It was working with Microsoft Project 2003 / 2007 but would generate an exception when using Microsoft Project 2010.
  • Fixed an issue with the initialization process locking up at the custom fields point. This would occur if you have a custom field defined with a description that exceeded 1024 characters.

Build 4123 - Released July 17th, 2011

  • Changed the subtask creation process to break this into two steps. It will first create the issue, then convert it to a subtask and then update the custom field values. This will allow for The Connector to work when a user has custom fields defined for only issues types that are subtasks. Previously, the values would not get saved and the user would have to follow the create with their own update process to correct.
  • Task Path generation for the task name as been added to the update process. Previoulsy it was only generated duing the create process.
  • Fixed an issue with the custom date translation incorrectly adjusting the date by one month.
  • Fixed an issue with the custom date translation generating an error when doing the work log imports.
  • Fixed issue with The Connector prompting to create a new resource when using the WindowsAccount mapping. It was erroneously not finding the resource in resource sheet and prompting you to create a new one, resulting in duplicate resources in your project plan resource list.
  • The issue status label was never getting updated on the issue editor. It was always showing as "Open".
  • Fixed issue with the Send To JIRA, Update From JIRA, Sync All dialogs locking up when opening. If a non-text value was found in the notes field, it would cause this error which would require terminating the MS Project process and reloading Microsoft Project.
  • Increased the allowed length of the JIRA username from 20 characters to 255 characters to reflect the max allowed value in JIRA.
  • Fixes to the way the resource list was being loaded on the issue editor. If the resource was not configured in the local database, it would not correctly load/save on the issue editor.

Build 4122 - Released May 8th, 2011

  • On the Send To JIRA, Update From JIRA , Sync and Project Information dialogs, the "Custom Fields" tab is removed if the "Use JIRA Custom Fields" option is not checked. This will more clearly indicate to users that the option is disabled.
  • The Use Custom Fields, Use Environment, Use Components and Versions checkboxes are defaulted to checked on new installations. Previously they were unchecked and you must explicitly enable them to use the feature.
  • Fixed an issue with the Due Date erroneously showing up as missing data even though a value was clearly set when performing the Send To JIRA process.
  • Fixed issue with saving the Send To JIRA Options setting the “Required” status on a field. Previously the setting was not correctly saving.
  • Import will now look at the “Use Custom Fields”, “Use Environment” and “Use Components and Versions” setting to determine which fields to import. Previously all fields, regardless of the setting were being included on the import.
  • Fixed an issue with the component, fix version and affects version descriptions not being updated in the project plan task list if they were changed using the issue editor. They will now update into the project plan field.
  • Increased the maximum length of the JIRA address to 1024 characters. It was previously only allowing URLs of a maximum of 50 characters in length.
  • Fixed an issue with the Due Date incorrectly setting the wrong Microsoft Project date when using the Issue Editor. It will now set the correct date based on your field mappings.
  • The Internet Proxy Settings dialog was not correctly saving and loading the entered values. This is fixed to now correctly save and load.

Build 4121 - Released April 29th, 2011

  • Some of the due date mapping fields had not been working. Fixed so that all of the mapping options for the due date field are now available and work. It now supports all the Text fields, StartX fields, Start, Finish, Deadline and baseline fields.
  • Fixed the issue with the support logging option not correctly generating the support file
  • Manual activation was not working correctly. Fixed so that it now allows for users to do manual activations of The Connector using the website.
  • Versions and Components not exchanged correctly when creating new issues in JIRA. They would update only if followed with an second Send To JIRA function. They now are correctly set to values when the issue is created.
  • Added the ability to map "Date Time" custom fields to the MS Project Start, Finish, Baseline dates. Previously only custom fields of type "Date Picker" were supported.

Build 4120 - Released April 6th, 2011

  • The Connector 2.0 was not working correctly with some versions of JIRA 4.1.x and 4.2.x  where none of the options on the toolbar would do anything.